With a determinant march, armed with a long list of baking ingredients, each isle at the supermarket sees you checking out the required ingredients for that baking escapade planned for so long. Reached home and all turned topsy-turvy when the most important ingredient was left out; 1 stick of butter.

Stop short from tearing your hair out from baking frustrations. Keep it sweet and simple and order from Craves for Cakes: There are two choices of sweet treats to choose from for only RM15 each:

  1. 6 Rainbow Buttercream Cupcakes in 2 flavours: Fluffy Vanilla & Moist Chocolate Heaven and in 6 Buttercream Colors (maximum 2 Buttercream Colours for one voucher) OR
  2. 6 Glorious Chocolatey Muffins in 2 Flavours: Rich Dairy Milk Chocolate & Sweet White Chocolate

Rainbow Buttercream Cupcakes

Chocolatey Muffins

The Buttercream Cupcakes come in 6 colourful colours of pink, purple, yellow, green, turquoise & orange to choose from and in 6.5cm diameter while the Chocolatey Muffins come in a choice of Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate in 8cm diameter.

Perfect for any occasion, especially the coming Aidilfitri celebration, get one, two or three with unlimited purchase and redemption per person. 

Take this chance to purchase Lusciously Moist Banana Cake, Swirly Tri-coloured Marble Cake & Oozing Blueberry Shortbread worth RM45 at 20% off.

Tri-coloured Marble Cake

You guys wanna some? 


Freaky said...

alamak nampak sangat sedap =_=

EzayHadry said...

best nye!!! marble cake tu XD

lapa lah plak..12jam lg ni..hehe

Fairuz Fazilah said...

Freaky : nampak sedap kan, apatah lagi rasa dia heheee

Fairuz Fazilah said...

EzayHadry: hahaa. tggl lg 6jam! :D