Girls and shopping? Then what about guy ? Okay, sorry bro. This time I would say about girl! I know most of the women there love shopping very much. When they have extra money, automatically they will think of something to buy. On the spot! Hehee. It just the same with me. But, when I don't have money, I would just look at the things. Ughh..hate that! Okay, just considered if they have money. I'm sure they will ask their boyfriend or friends to go shopping, or maybe just accompany them shopping. What a fish~ ( Belanje sekali lah kan).

Some of them will buy things like makeup, scarf, hair accessories, bangle, shirt, jeans or whatever they have seen. I also do like that. For example, yesterday I saw one nice shirt, but I don't have money at that time. Then, once I have money, I will go back to the shop, and buy the shirt. Smart, isn't it? haha.

And then, girls like to "usha-usha" first, then baru beli. If we don't do like that, maybe at the other shop, have more beautiful things that we want. But we will just usha at the same shopping complex la. Not like usha at Mid Valley then go usha at Sogo. Eh, no la! That must be crazy. Wasting time okay. So, girls, if u wanna bring your boyfriend when shopping, makesure your boyfriend like to wait. If they hate waiting for you, then don't bring them. This will just make u tension tension and tension!! U have to fast and just buy things without compare with others. No no! We have to choose our things carefully, while buying. If not, we will "menyesal".

Girls, you can also shopping with your mum and sister. I think they would be better. Coz me also will shopping with my mum and sister. It will be easier. You and your mum can shopping together, or maybe u can  ask for your mum opinion if u want to compare something. Your mum would be your best partner, believe me! =)

Let's continue to the topic again. This one, i'm very very sure! Girls will never never missed  their shopping when there are sales!!

Am i right gals?? Cause i'm also never missed my shopping during sales! Come on guys! This is sales okay! SALES!! We got discount or maybe half price for our shopping item. That's quite good uh. Save budget. Sometimes, I'll wait until sales, then I will shopping. This is one of the good shopping "style" for me :PP

May I give you an advice? Yeah, thank you. Remember, don't shopping too much! We practice thrift -.-

*Guys, please wait for your girls if they want shopping. Let they do their "work". Thank you :)

aku rasa entry kali ni macam merepek
plus my english is not perfect..


syafiqakarim said...

tak de siapa suka org yg sombong -.-

Fairuz Fazilah said...

betul -.-