Haloo guys, Meet again huh. Bosan ke? I hope not. -.-
Okay, at my previous entry, i post about visit my old neighbour right? At the same day also, at the evening, my family and I went to Taman Koperasi Polis, which is near to Taman Batu Muda ( i have memory there :P ), for attending my grandma open house. Along the way, I snap some pictures of buildings. I do it just for fun. So, without wasting more time, let's look up at the pictures of buildings in Malaysia.

this is Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur

Rapid KL. Much better than KTM.

Sime Darby. But actually i want to focus on the Malaysia flag.

If i'm not mistaken, this one is located near PWTC.

SOGO, one of the good shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur :)

Taman Wahyu. What's in there ? I don't know. I never go there :)

Fright Night uh. Truly i want to watch this movie! Anyone?

Yeah. A nice place to go actually.

I think, film/drama maker can have a shooting here. It is beautiful.
Like Hindi movie. hehee

Poor that guy. Walking for a far destination at highway, on the sunny day!

God, please keep these things from me 

Here we are! about to arrive to my destination. 

inside Bulatan Batu Caves.

This is Gua Batu Caves.

Yeah!! Our lucky driver! HAHA. good job aunty. drive carefully! 

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