Haihoo! Assalamualaikum friends. Yesterday , my family and I went to visit one of my old neighbour who just giving birth of her fourth son, named Muhamad Niyaz ( i think so). Okay, i don't have any interesting story to share about, but i think this would be interesting! Let's see this =)

nice teeth .
look like Ghost, HIHIHII

okay, now focus on the kid face. HAHA. i ask to make a "kiss" face, and look at what she did !

but she's cute actually. and guess what? people might think she is "HE" if she wear shirt and jeans. Plus with her naughty look and the style she walk. *mmg macam gangster* HOHO

i think he want to get back into his mom stomach. haha!

They are my siblings. Kaklong, Kaklang and Adik Fatin. Also si enterframe, Qaseh. hehee

Hehee. How? Enough? Enough is not enough actually. :P
So, please teach your kids to be beauty and funny face maker. HAHAHAHA

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